Welcome! - ALLNET IOT-Cloud

Off to the Cloud

Our IP-based building automation has finally made it into the big white cloud! Having proven itself for many years and already made countless customers happy with its flexible nature, the ALLNET MSR system is now even more open and user-friendly thanks to the ALLNET IoT Cloud.

One cloud account for everything

You can now access your MSR control panels, power meters and power strips from anywhere without a VPN or port forwarding/dyndns etc.. All you have to do is download the MSR Cloud module to your gateway and log in with your ALLNET IoT Cloud account. You don't have an account yet? No problem, you can create one here or directly on your gateway.

Free of charge, of course

The integration of all your MSR devices from ALLNET is free of charge and will remain so forever! We want to offer you full flexibility when using our MSR solution. And nowadays, the cloud is simply part of it.

Even more future is already on the way...

Don't worry, connecting the MSR devices is of course just the beginning... It's not for nothing that our cloud is called "IoT". Currently, connectivity is only possible in the area of LAN and WLAN, but this is not the end of the story. We'll give you a little hint: it starts with "Lo" and ends with "Ra". Well... any ideas yet?

Application examples
Now let's get practical!

Save energy costs

Your problem?

You want to save energy costs but don't know where to start? There are so many appliances in your building that you have completely lost track of consumption?

Our solution!

With the ALLNET MSR devices, you can determine which device in your building requires how much electricity. Because only if you find out the biggest consumers can you effectively save energy costs. In the next step, you can start to use your new knowledge step-by-step to your advantage. Would you like an example? The washing machine is activated when the photovoltaic system produces the most electricity.

Automate buildings

Your problem?

You want to save on routine tasks? Whether it's lighting, monitoring or power consumption, you still have an employee manually pressing a button for every issue?

Our solution!

Let our sensors and actuators master the tasks automatically! Whenever an employee enters an area of the warehouse, the light goes on until no more movement is detected. Between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m., all the surveillance cameras go on and record the video footage. All this is no longer a problem with the ALLNET IoT Cloud!

Monitor states

Your problem?

Need to check meter, water or oil levels? For smooth storage or production, very precise measurement ranges must be maintained? You would like to visualise all this in one interface and not in 10 different apps?

Our solution!

We offer more than 40 sensors for all kinds of condition measurements. Through the relay ports, all kinds of light sources, IP cameras, WLAN access points and other devices and machines can be switched with the measured values.

Your ALLNET IoT Cloud Account!

Module Download

Go to the web interface of your ALLNET MSR Gateway and download the application "ALLNET MSR Cloud" under "Modules" and "Module Management". The major part is now already done. If you already have an account, simply log in - if not, you can create an account directly. Alternatively, simply click on "Register" on this website. Done!

Select sensors & actuators

Now you can select the module and decide which data to upload to the cloud.

Be happy

Now everything should fit - and if not? You can of course reach us as usual on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm. Whether you have a technical problem, sales ideas or (what we particularly like) new ideas for our ALLNET MSR solution!